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Pro Edge Sharpener: Circular Blade Sharpener
[Image: 4629793345_264x89.jpg]

The revolutionary Pro Edge M400 Circular Blade Sharpener:

                      [Image: 4629793354_259x232.jpg]

Watch the M400 in action! -
  • Sharpens blades while removing less diameter
  • Quick disc change system (takes 2 seconds)
  • Reproduces a Professional quality edge
  • Ball bearing linear slide self centers blades
  • Produces a burr free edge, single or double bevel
  • Sharpens blades 100 to 400 mm, 0 to 32 degrees
  • Direct Drive, (no belts or chains), precision slides
  • Counter weighted feed control, no heat build up
  • Clean work area, with no grinding wheel dust
  • Safety interlock system disables machine
  • Maintenance-free enclosed motors
  • Available in 110 or 220 volt

[Image: ADD1871F-EEEB-4AF1-92BC-36CE5243DC08.jpeg]

Circular Blade Sharpness Test: 5 inch single bevel circular blade initial sharpness test 
Circular Blade Sharpness Test: 5 inch circular blade single bevel post sharpening 

[Image: 5D02A48B-18E3-45BB-BEFB-B212578B7955.jpeg]

Circular Blade Sharpness Test: 400 mm Blade initial sharpness test

Circular Blade Sharpness Test: 400 mm circular blade post sharpening

[Image: 1D58143D-6E09-4AF5-A797-5F35097F543E.jpeg]

Sharpness Test Media Fixture
  • Pro Edge Sharpener developed a fixture that allows the use of the Edge On Up PT50 Sharpness Tester to test circular blades and straight edge blades. 

[Image: 86B1625D-131A-4E5A-9F41-7CD5F26204A2.jpeg]

Pro Edge Sharpener: Sharpness Test Fixture with straight blade attachment
Seth Hill
Director of Marketing
Mobile: 404.664.1561

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