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Cubitron II video
This looked like an informative video about Cubitron II.

Thanks Ken. I could use a little Cubitron "schooling". One of my uncles (Uncle Jack) just turned 90 and I reminded him, in a text, of how he and my Uncle Ken had schooled me and my partner in a Bridge game some years ago. It's good for the soul to be taken down a notch or two every once in a while.
Hi Ken! Cool post.

I have a couple 120 grit Cubitron II's They are great belts that seem to last and last. They stay sharp and cut great. 120 grit is too gnarly for sharpening, but are excellent for reforming an edge or hogging off metal.

For regular sharpening I use 150 grit regular Cubitron. It is my favorite belt. Like the II's, they cut great and last a long time with consistent cutting. The abrasive particles on it do not stand up like little soldiers, but an excellent belt nonetheless.

3M got it right with the Cubitron belts.

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