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A Sad Day For The Exchange
Jan Svancara has passed away and it's a sad day for all of us. Jan was a founding member of the Bess Exchange and his knowledge and willingness to share with others will be missed sorely. Jan's contributions here were too numerous to count but included his work on the Rockwell Hardness Calculator which will continue to bear his name on these pages.  Jan was always thoughtful in his writings and a gentleman in every instance. Our thoughts are with his family in the Czech Republic.  We miss you already Jan.
Rest In Peace. Ken mentioned him in the Tormek forum.
Jan was a remarkable person in many ways. Most of us knew him for his very educated and intuitive grasp of mathematics which he generously shared. He enjoyed passing along what he had learned. He especially enjoyed tutoring his granddaughter.

When Jan first began posting on the Tormek Forum, he was restoring an old well worn chisel which had belonged to his grandfather. It was a labor of love, a way to honor his grandfather.

Jan had a curious mind. Even in his sixties he was being tutored in English. Some of you may have noticed that following an expression in some of my posts I add, (English idiom meaning..........). 
That was for Jan.

I will miss Jan.

Ken Schroeder

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