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New platen for Kally 1SM
Smile  Kally is a commonly used nickname for the Kalamazoo grinder.  Like folks with Samsung TV's call them a Sammy or a Toshiba Toshy, etc.

I don't know if the Surgi-Sharp can be attached to the new platen.  However, with a bit of imagination just about anything can be attached to anything else.  You may need to drill/tap some holes or make a bracket but I'm sure if you put your mind to it you could make it happen.  Might be a fun project.

"Further reading I found a tread where it looks like you are the designer of the “Kally Rest”"

True.  Please note that the Kally Rest show in the above link is an old version.  The current version, the one Brian uses in his videos, is considerably different and improved.

Edge leading or trailing is just a matter of personal preference.   I've done both, but I like edge trailing because it's more forgiving and not as aggressive as edge leading.  Also, and this is just me, edge leading into a spinning belt creeps me out every time I do it.  If the blade catches on the belt all sorts unpleasantness happens in a big hurry.  That said, folks do it all the time and would probably say I worry needlessly.

I caught a blade once, edge leading, using a microfinishing film belt on the Kally.  All that happened was a loud BAM sound as the spring released on the Kally and the belt was instantly cut in half.  Scared the crap out of me and woke me right up!  But, that was a very thin film belt.  I'm sure the result might have been quite different with an X or Y weight cloth back belt.  While the Kally is considered "slow" for a belt grinder I can say from personal experience it can pitch a blade far, far more quickly than my ability to react and get out of the way.

Another time I caught an edge leading blade on a Tormek.  It's wheel spins about 100 RPM.  It yanked the blade from my hand and pitched it back at me so quickly I couldn't believe it.  The blade flew through the air, bounced off the bench, hit me around the waist area and fell to the floor between my feet.  After calming my beating heart I made an assessment of the situation.  I was lucky.   No epidermal leakage or knife through the top of my shoe!  

I don't think edge trailing is better than edge leading, it's just what I prefer.
Regarding edge-trailing vs edge-leading I would wonder how it might affect the edge in sharpening, pushing on the most important part of the blade vs. pulling on the most important part of the blade.

One thing for sure metal particles being removed coming off the tip goes along the entire surface with edge-leading.

I think I would prefer edge-trailing for safety only.  I would have thought by now someone with machinists skills and tooling skills would have made a rest for the Kalamazoo where you could work free flowing as you can with the Surgi-Sharp type rest.

Personally, in a best case scenario I would want the blade parallel to the ground, if I was standing.  My wrist not bent at all, easy on your body.  Even if you had to mount the Kalamazoo sander to be oriented so you could obtain a preferred  ergonomics.  As some professional sharpeners use a similar ergonomic technique with wheels, holding the blade edge flat and placing it at a specific spot on the wheel to obtain the desired angle.

Again with a rest based on same idea as the Surgi-Sharp you can see the edge you are working on and see it’s orientation to the belt.  You can SEE what you are doing to the edge where you are working.  Also very free flowing where both hands can control the blade, and apply pressure at both ends of the blade.

For Cliff here In this video, his ergonomics are okay sitting where the machine is nearly head high

And here is a video starting around the 19 minute mark that shows a whole lot of pro leading edge work freehand using Burr King....

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