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New platen for Kally 1SM
[Image: 563-042-1SM-knife-platen.jpg]
interesting, how is it different than the stock platen?
Was going to shoot a picture of the stock platen and post it for you Peanut but can't seem to find it any longer. As memory serves - the stock platen looks like the bottom half of the Reich/Kalamazoo platen and without the  1 x 3 flat bar protruding above.
(06-29-2020, 10:36 PM)CasePeanut Wrote: interesting, how is it different than the stock platen?

Video incoming with some information from my perspective.

My thoughts on it in video form:

Another fine video by Mr. Brian, Samurai of the BESS Exchange.
You nailed it Brian concerning perfect platen/belt alignment on the Kally.  It seems every Kally is unique and each unit tracks a bit differently.  To get perfect alignment the platen must support the following adjustments:
Left to right
Closer/farther from the belt
Clockwise/counter clockwise rotation
Top to bottom tilt
Left/right side tilt
The Kally is a great sharpening machine.  While exact platen/belt alignment is not an absolute necessity, perfect setup makes any system perform better.
Thanks for taking the time to make a video explaining that important aspect of the Kally Brian.
Brian - thank you for the video! I just watched it and found it so instructive. Thank you!

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