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Soaring Tomahawk
It's difficult to find an old barn around here that still doesn't possess, at least, the remains of the trolley track system. I never witnessed it in use though because by the time I was old enough, the hay baler was already well established. I have, in fact, bucked a few bales in my early years. Now, most hay bales around here are put up as  1000 lb. round bales and usually, hay field to storage place, the bales are untouched by human hands. 

Back in my day - no town kid wanted to hassle a farm kid - handling a 1,000 - 100 lb. bales a day lends advantages when it comes to recreational pugilistic sports.
I grew up bucking bales... the most tired I have ever been since.
We once did a big rig flat bed trailer in a day.
God I wish I was 15 again!
I wouldn't last 30 mins doing such work these days Smile
Getting a bit soft in the latter years.
Glad to hear that you are a bale bucking brethren Wade! We pulled the hay trailers behind the baler originally. Eighty bales to the trailer  and then off to the barn to stick them in the hay loft. As an aside, we share another connection; A small town, Hesston, 7 miles north of this farm, is the epicenter of modern hay handling technology. From that firm comes the swather and a number of other hay handling innovations. They had a test facility  in Logan, Utah, just north of you. I've been through there a few times - nice country.

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