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BESS Partner Update
BESSU has finished updating it's policy concerning BESS Partner membership requirements for professional home-based and small business sharpeners. This is a group that provides edge sharpness assurance to its customers by placing BESS sharpness scores on sharpened products. The BESS Partner program already includes over 60 members from this business group alone but in consideration of the new guidelines, EOU will begin showcasing some of these new members and their businesses. Congratulations to Kent Hugosson of Tail Motor Scandinavia located in Kiruna, Sweden as the newest of our BESS Partner members and the first to be showcased here.



Below are a couple of screenshots from one of Kent's videos . More can be found on his YouTube channel and the links to two can be found below. We like these two Tail Motor's videos in particular because they demonstrate not only a high level of sharpening acumen but also, exactly, how measurements should be taken using our electronic testers.


And then the links to two of Kent's videos:

Thank you Kent with Tail Motor and welcome as a new Exchange member and a BESS Partner!
Great videos, very nice sharpening and welcome Mr. Tail Motor! I think that if I was going to sharpen other peoples knives for profit, and I might someday, that I'd do just what you have. Sets you apart from the competition by being able to show them how sharp their knife is. If you could measure it when they hand it to you then you could show them how much it was improved. Good thinking!
A pleasure to be able to count you among us Kent!
Thank you all!
It will be a pleasure to be a member of the family and take the sharpening to a new level // Kent

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