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Nice tool for small jobs
Found this small tool today on internet.

Well it is kind of cute Thomas! Thanks!
I've seen this before, and yes, these machines look amazing, but they are really tiny. I had to try pretty hard to find any specs, but I'm guessing that's a 1/2"x 12" Work Sharp belt. The Work Sharp was mentioned, and it sounds like these machines are about the same price.

I don't have any idea how these could be so cheap, but I remember thinking the same thing last time I saw them. You just aren't going to get much for $100 or whatever. The problem is that the maker isn't giving any specifications, and isn't answering any questions. I don't see anything indicating that they are actually for sale or how well they work. I can't tell if one has ever been sold, or even used.
As the ad in Instagram says "many of you may find an actual purpose for this".
They have similar little grinders on Ebay.  While cute and cool I see little advantage to having such a tiny thing unless it fits some specific need.  Little itty-bitty belts don't last long or carry away heat well and end up costing a lot compared to say a 42" belt in the long run.

That said, I kinda want one just, well, because.
It is a cute tool Smile I can absloutley se some use of it - but knife sharpening is not one of them.

I have a workshop with many machines and tools and I produce things in my workshop, sometimes tiny things that needs to be adjusted to fit. Small tools like this - if they work properly - can be helpful to that kind of work.

Then, sorry to say, I like small things, mostly black things, but shiny small things come in second place Smile


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