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Wire Edge Prevention
Thank you, Ken

I've incorporated feedback I've got from several forums, and have finished editing.
Anyone who wishes to save our Knife Deburring in PDF please do it now, as I will be removing the online version when it goes to the publisher.
Thanks for the effort and for sharing that Knife Deburring PDF Mr. KG. Interesting and appreciated!

I'm amazed by the amount of data shared on the Exchange. It's actually difficult to keep up and absorb it all.
Do you think that because your knives were new and the butchers knives were used, that the edges of your knives could have been damaged during the factory grinding and sharpening, and maybe after they have been sharpened a few more times they might last as long as the butchers? Also, the difference in the grit between the knives could cause a difference.
I finished the whole thread and I found it mind blowing, thanks to all the members involved, the amount of information and the quality of it is amazing, I have a ton to learn but I'm enjoying the process big time.

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