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How sharp is the knife sharpened by CATRA?
I exchanged a few emails with a mobile sharpener in Cyprus, he uses CATRA I 100 for many years
His name is Dave, website and photo:

This does not answer your question, since Dave hasn't got a BESS sharpness tester, but he says that CATRA I 100 is reliable.
CATRA have done a comparative testing of sharpness on their tester:
"Extensive sharpness testing on the ISO 8442.5 tester reveals that levels of sharpness produced on the CATRA model I 100 are the highest consistently produced by any system. The edge life for given knife blade steel are also amongst the best achieved for re-sharpenable commercial use knives."

As a hue to our ongoing discussion on coarse vs fine edges, interesting is CATRA's reference to the grinding wheel grit by intended use:
Very smooth - Fish and meat filleting
Smooth - General fish and meat processing
Medium - Vegetable and general kitchen use
Coarse - nonfood industrial use
(07-07-2018, 10:01 AM)Mike Brubacher Wrote: My apologies to your 2 year-old grandson Jan. It's my fault. If we had printed the PT50 Series operators manual in the Czech language he'd be taking BESS measurements by now. If we don't provide him with a Czech translation he'll likely have to wait until he's 4 before he can interpret our English version.

Mike, do not worry, our small Dan has already begun to learn English. His first word is “sorry”.



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