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Viel Conversion, Final Version
Interesting post Ken and like you we've been having trouble finding Zenith television sets and Motorola stereos at Best Buy. When you first mentioned table saws we thought we had you with our 1949 Sears model that still sees frequent use here. Believe it or not it has cast iron table extensions and a cast iron base as well. The saw surface is still flat and level as a pancake. Your 1931 Delta takes the prize though.
Sears contracted building its tools. Among other companies, the list included real quality builders like Walker Turner. (Surprisingly, many store brands of chisels were made by Buck.) I would not be too humble about a 1949 Sears table saw. 

In our age when companies frequently change names and store brands replace known brand names, I still prefer known reputation. Whenever I am on the edge testing equipment aisle at the hardware store, I go straight for the Edge on Up section, ignoring the rest!

Now that my conversion work is done (hopefully), I am finding my two belt grinders two of the most used tools in my shop. Even though I sctually do most of my sharpening with the Tormek, my belt grinders are my go tools for so many tasks. Setting up my octagenarian wood lathe, the Kally made quick work of shining up the lathe's tool post using a fine grit Scotch Brite belt. With a regular belt, the Viel quickly ground the tip off of a turning skew I was reshaping. I would miss them.

No doubt about it Ken, A Kally is the "Swiss army knife" of tools.

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