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Old sharpening methods...
Thanks EDGEPAL! I hope that your winter is mild this year. I flew over your country this time of year in 2020 and things looked pretty white.
The winter for us have been hard this year. Most time we have been below minus 20 centigrades, mostley around minus 25' but the coldest was only minis 31 this year. We have the record of minus 52 centigrade here where I live.
We have got around 130 cm snow and that is more then normal.

The snow and the cold make it harder for wild animals to survive and they come closer to our house to feed. We have a lot of moose around the house this winter, but fewer rawdeers then normal so I think a lot of them have died. No wolfs have been seen but we have lynx in the area as usual, our bears are sleeping good below the snow and dont distrurb us.

The snow and now when the sunshine again make the nature very beutiful and that is always nice Smile
outstanding post - my first time ever seeing and reading each ones posts. amazing, so glad i stopped in.....
Rupert seconds Max

Thank Edge Pal


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