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4000th Post Challenge
We are hereby challenging Mark Reich, head to head, mano y mano, to a 2000th post challenge. Whoever wins gets a personal check for $3.00 drawn on the West Bank of the Mississippi. You snuck the 1400th out from under us but now you're going down!
Gee, I'll have to figure out where you find these stats.

Also, I may ponder the likelihood that I'm running off at the keyboard to excess.
In observance of "Extrey Observant Day", I hereby maketh the 500th post on the Bladesmithing Forum!

Sorry EOU, the door was wide open....   Big Grin
That reallllly makes us mad Mark! It's our own fault though for being asleep at the wheel. What a great forum with really interesting stuff by Mark, Wade et al. Thanks a bunch for your efforts and, we suppose...congratulations on your 500th post!
Kind modesty in such a critical, near life or death situation. You are an oak, Mike.
Decided to update this thread since not only 2000 posts have gone by but 3000 as well.
It seems the whole Forum is looking pretty progressive, so *Thank You* to EOU and Everyone for your contributions.   Cool

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