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KN -100

You missed your calling; you should have been a diplomat. As an old phone man, I think in terms of transmit and receive. My receiving (hearing) is fine if the speaker is transmitting properly. In your case, EOU was transmitting properly; the receiver is flaky.......

I tried the sharp check key on my PT-50. It works perfectly. You never told me I was actually supposed to read the instructions.

On a serious note, hopefully other users who might be having the same trouble will quietly read this and avoid the humiliation.  Smile

Kudos to the EOU tech support.

I have always wanted an inner sanctum room. I would have my books in Thomas Jefferson book boxes;  my Windsor arm writing chair; and a long wooden table with an old E. Leitz brass microscope and my vintage KN100. I would have my usb microscope like Grepper's discretely hidden in the drawer under the Windsor chair, along with my PT-50.

Thanks, Mike.

Glad to be of service Ken and apologies for the lack of clarity in our instruction manual.

Your advice has made my BESS readings consistent. Not lower, but consistent. A good step forward on this sharpening journey.

My boss at work just got a KN100 Ken. I have the original PT50 (black) at home. Every once in a while I forget to press the button too and then I wonder what just happened? I have to tell you, the KN100 is very cool. It's not as fast and it takes up more space but its back to the basics. I suppose that some day I'll have to throw my PT50 in the trash but that KN100 is like a Timex, it will just keep ticking because there just isn't much to go wrong or wear out on  it.

One thing I like about my KN100 is the postal scale I use with it has a range of zero to twenty kilograms (55 lbs). That means I can get accurate readings even on my worst sharpening day.  Smile

That's a good one Ken. I'm going to tell my boss that he needs a bigger scale. I hope that you're hiring.
We're still laughing Ken and Bud. You know Ken, If you're going to have a lot to weigh you're going to need something big enough to hold it in while you're taking the measurement. We worked through the night and came up with this modification to the KN100.


What do you think?

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