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KN -100

You missed your calling; you should have been a diplomat. As an old phone man, I think in terms of transmit and receive. My receiving (hearing) is fine if the speaker is transmitting properly. In your case, EOU was transmitting properly; the receiver is flaky.......

I tried the sharp check key on my PT-50. It works perfectly. You never told me I was actually supposed to read the instructions.

On a serious note, hopefully other users who might be having the same trouble will quietly read this and avoid the humiliation.  Smile

Kudos to the EOU tech support.

I have always wanted an inner sanctum room. I would have my books in Thomas Jefferson book boxes;  my Windsor arm writing chair; and a long wooden table with an old E. Leitz brass microscope and my vintage KN100. I would have my usb microscope like Grepper's discretely hidden in the drawer under the Windsor chair, along with my PT-50.

Thanks, Mike.

Glad to be of service Ken and apologies for the lack of clarity in our instruction manual.

Your advice has made my BESS readings consistent. Not lower, but consistent. A good step forward on this sharpening journey.


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