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using Save as Draft
I have often lost posts due to interruptions or tablet contrariness. I have switched to composing longer posts using Pages, the word processing program on my computer and ipad. When the post is complete, I click select all and copy. When I have the bessex post window open, I click paste. This works, but seems clumsy.

With the save as draft (located with post and preview at the bottom), the post is saved and can be edited and posted later. The draft is easily accessable. Go to the home page. On the left directly under welcome is user CP. Click on this and go most of the way down. Click on saved drafts.

My compliments to whoever incorporated this useful feature into the forum design.

Speaking of useful features, I finally figured out how to post photos. The effort was well worth the frustration. My problem was having images with too many pixels. Like much of life, it's easy if you know how to do it.

A bonus find was discovering that photos can not only be attached, they can be inserted. Clever!

Thank you for posting this, Mr. Ken! I've saved drafts, but didn't know where to find them when I needed them. Problem solved!

As for pictures, I'm still not quite with the program yet. I have to upload to photobucket, then I can insert them here. I think it has something to do with "file size", but I'm fairly computing challenged.

My favorite quote from Dr. Albert Schweitzer is "only the wounded physician can heal". Posting digital photos has been particularly frustrating for me. Over the years, I became proficient with film cameras from 35mm to 4x5. I especially loved working with my wooden 4x5.

Digital was just a snapshot camera for many years. In fact, even though my first digital camera, a Nikon D70, was one of the most expensive cameras I had ever purchased, it rated only a passing mention in my journal. I used it to replace 35mm color negatives. I never found satisfaction in sending my film to a lab. I much preferred spending an evening in the darkroom crafting a single print. I recently switched to all digital and am appreciating its potential.

I have been a member of another forum when photos first started appearing via photobucket. I was not one of the proficient early pioneers. Grepper was. Eventually I could fumble through with photobucket, although I never liked it. I wrote an article explaining how to use my kenjig, and included seven photos. One of the other members kindly uploaded to his dropbox account for me.

Eventually the other forum "turned on" the photo option and recently increased the size limitation to 250 kB. With good coaching from Mark (Grepper) and a lot of persistent trial and error, I finally feel comfortable making forum photos with my camera. Adapting to small online images seems counterintuitive to me, however this old dog is learning new tricks. Using a third party app, Image Size, i am finally comfortable going directly from the ipad camera to the forum, via Photos and Image Size.

I will write up a topic describing my ipad method. Before posting, I will send it to Mark for his thoughts and (hopefully) blessing.


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